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Remote high-quality livestream production

Are you an event organizer looking for a cost-effective way to livestream your events?
Our cloud service provides a solution that allows you to use your mobile phones and tablets to record and stream your events live over the internet. We offer technical support and professional direction services to ensure a high-quality livestream production.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make your event accessible to a wider audience

How it works 

  1. The customer downloads the Larix app onto their mobile phone or tablet.

  2. The customer receives a QR code from us that they scan within the app to enter the necessary settings for livestreaming to our server.

  3. The customer places their mobile devices at strategic locations around the event venue, making sure that they are connected to the internet (via Wi-Fi or LTE) and have a power source (either a wall outlet or a power bank).

  4. During the event, the customer starts the livestream function on the mobile devices.

  5. The signal from each device is transmitted separately to our control room, where our directors manage the switching between different sources, add graphics (such as logos, captions, and weather information), and ensure that the livestream is produced meaningfully.

  6. The finished livestream is transmitted to the customer's desired platform (such as Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo) or to a custom URL provided by the customer.

Throughout the process, our team of technicians provides technical support to ensure that the livestream is produced smoothly and without interruption.

Just one sample of remote support for 4 mobile phones

Alive StepUp made with remote production team - customer ensured 4x mobile phones


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