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Remote high-quality livestream production

Are you planning an event and want to share it live with a broader audience without incurring high costs? We've got you covered. Our cloud-based streaming service enables you to turn your smartphones and tablets into live broadcast units. Here's how it works:

  1. Simple Setup: Use your own devices to capture the event. No need for expensive equipment.

  2. Professional Quality: We provide technical support and expert direction to ensure your livestream looks polished and professional.

  3. Broad Reach: Expand your audience by streaming your event live across the internet.

Get in touch with us to discover how we can assist in bringing your event to screens worldwide.

How it works 

  1. To utilize Larix for live streaming an event through Streamlee, follow these steps:

  2. Download Larix: Install the Larix app on your smartphone or tablet from the appropriate app store.

  3. Configuration via QR Code: Streamlee will provide you with a QR code. Open the Larix app and use it to scan the QR code, which will automatically configure your device with the necessary settings to stream to Streamlee's server.

  4. Device Placement: Position your mobile devices in key areas throughout the event space. Ensure each device has a stable internet connection—either Wi-Fi or a cellular network—and a reliable power source, such as a wall socket or a fully charged power bank.

  5. Start Streaming: When the event begins, activate the live stream function on each Larix-equipped device.

  6. Control Room Management: The video feeds will be sent to Streamlee's control room. There, the production team will handle the live editing, such as switching between video sources, incorporating graphics, and adding any necessary information to the broadcast.

  7. Broadcast to Platform: The polished live stream is then broadcast to the platform of your choice, like Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo, or to a custom URL that you provide.

  8. Technical Support: Throughout this process, Streamlee's technical support team will be on hand to assist with any issues to ensure the live stream runs smoothly and without disruptions.

  9. By following these steps, you can produce a professional-quality live stream of your event with the help of Larix and Streamlee.

Alive StepUp made with remote production team - customer ensured 4x mobile phones


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