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How to use

Streamlee is a platform that caters to two main user groups: Orderers, who are in need of video services, and Creators, who provide video content and live streaming capabilities.

For Orderers:

  • Upon signing up, you'll create a profile that introduces you to the community. This profile is your opportunity to build trust by detailing what you're looking for and your past experiences on the platform.

  • You can browse through Creators' portfolios of referential videos to find the perfect match for your video needs.

For Creators:

  • Your initial profile setup is a chance to showcase your expertise and past work to potential Orderers.

  • You can assess the reliability and seriousness of an Orderer by reviewing their history of requests and transactions on the platform.


  • The negotiation of services and payments is conducted directly between the Orderer and the Creator.

  • Streamlee is not involved in the transaction process and does not take responsibility for the content or agreements made.

Accessibility and Functionality:

  • Both Orderers and Creators can sign up for Streamlee free of charge.

  • A free account provides limited access to the platform's functionality, with options to upgrade for more features.

Streamlee is designed to be a straightforward, user-centric platform where video content needs meet professional talent, fostering a direct and transparent connection between Orderers and Creators.

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Use cases

Case Studies for Streamlee Platform Usage

  1. News Coverage:

    • Scenario: A digital news portal needs immediate footage of a natural disaster in a specific location.

    • Streamlee Solution: The portal posts a detailed request on Streamlee, specifying the timing, location, and angles needed for the video. Local Creators respond with their availability, equipment capabilities, and proposed rates.

    • Outcome: The news portal receives timely, cost-effective footage from a variety of angles, enabling comprehensive coverage of the event.

  2. Holiday Planning:

    • Scenario: A family is planning a vacation and wants a preview of their potential accommodations.

    • Streamlee Solution: The family uses Streamlee to request videos of a hotel’s interior and exterior. A nearby Creator captures the necessary footage, providing a realistic view of the holiday destination.

    • Outcome: The family gets an authentic look at the hotel, aiding in their decision-making process, while keeping additional travel costs low.

  3. Corporate Events:

    • Scenario: A company is organizing or attending a conference overseas and requires video coverage.

    • Streamlee Solution: Instead of incurring the expense of transporting equipment and personnel, the company hires a local videographer through Streamlee who can cover the event professionally.

    • Outcome: The company achieves high-quality coverage and presentation of their conference activities at a fraction of the usual cost.

  4. Remote Purchasing:

    • Scenario: A prospective buyer needs to inspect a property or vehicle from afar before deciding to visit in person.

    • Streamlee Solution: The buyer requests a detailed video of the item from a local Creator, outlining specific areas of interest and concerns.

    • Outcome: The buyer gains a thorough understanding of the property or vehicle, which helps in making an informed decision without the need for immediate travel, saving time and resources.

These cases illustrate how Streamlee serves as a dynamic and adaptable platform, enabling connections between Orderers with specific video needs and Creators who can fulfill those requirements effectively and economically.

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A Creator (the person filming the event) can be anyone who is in the right place at the right time and has a video filming device. This can be a phone camera, a sports camera, or a complete video production option. They need to only have a sense for filming the Orderer’s ordered event and a suitable price.

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An Orderer (the person ordering a video) can be anyone who needs a video of an event, a situation or an item and is ready to pay the Creator for the videography work done.

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