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How to use

Streamlee allows logging in as an Orderer (the person who needs a video) or as a Creator (the person who can provide a video or a live stream).

Depending on the registration/login type, the profile is completed upon registration, through which they can easily introduce themselves to other users. This introduction is important because it determines the level of trust for both the Orderer and the Creator.

In addition to the personal profile, the Creator can publish referential videos, based on which the Orderer will be able to determine the suitability of the videographer. On the other hand, the Creator, based onpreviously ordered and executed Orderer’s requests, will be able to determine how serious and reliable the Orderer is.

The Orderer and Creator negotiate the transaction and payment independent of the Streamlee platform. Streamlee assumes no responsibility for the content and/or agreement between the Orderer and Creator.

The Orderer and Creator can register free of charge, thus gaining limited free functionality of the platform.

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Use cases

NEWS: A digital news portal (Orderer) needs a video of a flooded area. They enter the information into Streamlee on when and from which angle they need their video filmed. After issuing the announcement, they wait for potential candidates who contact them through the portal and offer their options (price, required equipment, etc).

HOLIDAYS: A family wants to go on holiday and would like to book a hotel. They make a request in Streamlee for a video of the chosen hotel’s interior and exterior view. A Creator located near the hotel can use their phone camera to capture the hotel, a hotel room and the surrounding area. Given the low level of complexity of the video, the price for both the Orderer and the Creator may be accordingly low. Travel arrangements may be quite expensive so the cost of the video is relatively low, given the possible risk.

COMPANY: A company is planning a conference or is to be present at a conference abroad. By making a request in Streamlee, it can hire a local videographer, which can be much cheaper than bringing along all the necessary equipment and staff for its own production.

PURCHASE: A buyer of a property or vehicle who lives too far away for a quick personal visit can request a video by a local Creator before actually viewing the item. By doing so, they can save valuable time that they would otherwise spend on an unnecessary drive, especially if they find that the item in question is not worth a personal visit.

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A Creator (the person filming the event) can be anyone who is in the right place at the right time and has a video filming device. This can be a phone camera, a sports camera, or a complete video production option. They need to only have a sense for filming the Orderer’s ordered event and a suitable price.

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An Orderer (the person ordering a video) can be anyone who needs a video of an event, a situation or an item and is ready to pay the Creator for the videography work done.

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